CBG Corporation has supplied more Gamma Probes to independent directional drillers than any other company. We have an unrivaled record of reliability, service, and performance in the industry. The reason is simple: we design all our products to the highest standards, and we were the first to provide reliable Gamma Probes at a reasonable price.

Now, CBG is introducing the revolutionary Geosteering Resistivity Tool. This will allow drillers to steer the borehole to avoid non-productive or water-wet zones, all at a cost that will make economic sense.

Let us show you how to use Gamma and Resistivity tools for more profitable Directional Drilling. MORE >


CBG receives US Patent for Directional Gamma Ray Tool

CBG Corporation is granted a US Patent (US 8,759,749 B2) for its directional gamma ray tool design. Omni-directional gamma sensors continue to serve the needs of MWD/LWD and production logging tool markets.  However increasing requirements for improved geosteering of wellbores dictates the need for directional gamma tools.  CBG’s design and patent will enable directional drillers greater... MORE >